Microwave Journal and Microwave Journal China announced the four keynote sessions for the EDICON China Online Forum, April 26-27, 2022. The Online Forum is the opening event of EDICON Across China 2022.

Responding to the continuing impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, EDI CON China last year switched from a single, large scale, annual conference and exhibition to a series of online events and live, regional conferences. Its name was changed to EDI CON Across China. EDICON Across China proved to be a big success in 2021, and its multi-event format will continue in 2022.

The schedule for EDICON Across China 2022 is:

Online Forum             Apr 26-27                           Chengdu (live)                        Oct 27

Beijing (live)              May 26                                      Shenzhen (live)                       Dec 6

Shanghai (live)          Jul 28

The two-day Online Forum has invited four industry-leading experts to deliver the keynote presentations:

5G IoT: Market Drivers and Challenges
Joe Madden, Chief Analyst, Mobile Experts

This presentation will outline the broad trend toward 5G IoT market adoption, including examples of low-latency and high-reliability applications and technical solutions that are necessary for success. A key focus will center on the business factors that must converge and the likely size of the market.

Making Millimeter-Wave Technology More Accessible and Affordable
Yonghui Shu, CTO, Eravant

Mr. Shu will review significant improvements in the areas of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mm-wave components for system development; novel waveguide connectors for lower-cost packaging; and low-cost Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) mm-wave VNA extenders, frequency extenders, and contactless waveguide flanges for streamlining the measurement of waveguide components. These achievements have accelerated the development of mm-wave systems for new applications while reducing the cost of transitioning to higher rates of production. As a result, mm-wave technology is much more accessible and more affordable for new applications. This will help to accelerate 5G/6G and THz system development and implementations.

Comparison of Radar and Lidar Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles
Dr. Amarpal Khanna, Consultant, APS Consulting

Radar and LiDAR sensors are the key sensors for the future autonomous vehicles, enabling the detection of vehicles, people, and other moving or fixed objects around a vehicle. Recent advances in these fields have significantly improved their performance and features. This talk will review the technologies used and applications of these sensors for self-driving-vehicles.

Radar is a more mature option for the autonomous vehicles, while LiDAR represents a newer option offering higher resolution, accuracy, and imaging quality. A comparison between the two sensors as well as potential complementation will be discussed.

The technologies as well as market landscape of this field are changing. However there remain significant challenges ahead which need to be handled in a timely and cost-effective manner. This talk will cover some of these challenges and present market trends for both options.

Semiconductor Trends in the RF Market
Eric Higham, Director of Advanced Semiconductor Applications/Advanced Defense Systems, Strategy Analytics

Despite headwinds from COVID-19, chip shortages, and geopolitical events, RF networks and devices have seen robust growth. This presentation will look at the drivers and trends that have been responsible for this growth. We will also explore the most important applications for the RF market and how evolving requirements are influencing the mix of RF semiconductors in these applications. The presentation will close with thoughts on the growth engines and trends that will influence the future trajectory of the RF market, along with forecasts for the RF semiconductor content in these applications.

Registration will open in early March, please check back for updates.

For sponsorship opportunities and more information, please visit: https://ediconacrosschina.com/.