Why Sponsor?

EDI CON Across China is a unique extension for 2022 of the hallmark EDI CON CHINA event, which will return to Beijing in person in 2023.

Sponsors of EDI CON Across China will be able to reach engineers throughout the country in the online event, and then enjoy face to face meetings with local engineers when the four localized in-person conferences take place throughout China. It is designed to be an effective program to take us through a transitional year as we navigate the effects of the global pandemic.

Sponsorships allow companies from all over the world to participate in all five events, such as with an online workshop in the April event or through in person workshops or other types of sponsorships that do not require staff onsite for the local conferences.

EDI CON Across China 2022:
April 26-27, 2022 (Online)
June 14, 2022 (Beijing)
July 28, 2022 (Shanghai)
October 27, 2022 (Chengdu)
December 6, 2022 (Shenzhen)